About Us


What if there was one website that offers you anything you have ever looked for online? Easy registration, one login for everything, and optimal usability. That's Blimer, a concept from two friends from Belgium who want to provide endless tools and services under one roof.


Sébastien Morel and Matthias Vanhollebeke founded the idea. We decided to start with Barter since so many people throw away things others can use. "What if there was a platform that offers you the possibility of bartering with the entire world?", we figured. Barter was born. The next module that came to life was Babysit, since we have a lot of friends who can never find a sitter when they need one. The latest module is pets, since so many animals in shelters are looking for a new home, we wanted to provide a platform where people can find their new pet with a simple search. Barter, Babysit and Pets are only the beginning. The possibilities are endless, but for the time being we want to give you a chance to start using our tools. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback so we can keep improving Blimer.

Sébastien Morel

CEO & founder

Sébastien works as a freelance IT consultant and is responsible for the development.

Matthias Vanhollebeke


Matthias also works as a consultant and travels all over the world. He has created the design and is the creator of our Blimer bot character.